GEM Power

Your batteries and battery-powered equipment will work better and last longer
with GEM Power Intelligent Battery Charging Technology.

Wheelchairs and Scooters

GEM Power is an innovative company that develops advanced pulse-charging technology compatible with multiple battery chemistries.  GEM Power’s original software collects diagnostic, prognostic and optimal charging algorithm information throughout the charging process.

Independent testing by the U.S. Navy conducted at two facilities has proven that GEM Power’s firmware technology increases battery life two to two-half times that of traditional chargers, enables batteries to hold a consistent charge for the entire span of “battery-life”, and allows for rapid charge.  Field tests with local police and fire agencies have also shown successful adaptation of this technology to two-way radios.

GEM Power recently expanded research and development into power wheelchairs and scooters.  The power mobility market centered our focus over other potential markets, based in our belief that users of power mobility devices (PMD) have the most to gain from our technology, and that a good business brings its innovation to those it can help the most.

Through first-hand accounts and research, we have witnessed the true need for improvement of technology in PMD.  It started with seeing wheelchairs lose power mid-way across a busy Southern California boulevard, and feared the scope of the consequences from this outdated technology.  We asked people about their experiences and then looked across the industry.  We researched medical groups, advocacy groups, user groups, manufacturing groups.

The evidence is conclusive.  GEM Power welcomes the chance to work with all members of the electric wheelchair and scooter community for better technology that will increase mobility and inclusion.  We, at GEM Power, have proven our ability to improve longevity and reliability and consistency.

Our technology will communicate with your batteries throughout the charging process.  Our software’s readings help determine the battery’s unique chemistry (no two batteries are the same), which it uses in the application of the charge.  This process increases overall function of your batteries for the entire duration of their useable life.  This advanced technology also allows for full charges in as little as twenty minutes.

We would like our technology to meet all needs of the user.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns with wheelchair power systems, GEM Power welcomes your input.  If you are a user of a PMD, you can also take our survey.  We look forward to hearing from you.